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Spitfire Radial Full Gnarhunters Cart Cruiser Wheels 54MM 80HD

Spitfire Radial Full Gnarhunters Cart Cruiser Wheels 54MM 80HD

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  • Diameter: 54mm 
  • Width: 38mm
  • Riding surface: 25.5
  • Hardness: 80HD
  • Shape: Radial Full
  • Set of 4

Fast, soft, and responsive, the Spitfire 80HD Radial Full Wheels feature reformulated 80D performance urethane, mechanically bonded to a lightweight, injection-molded inner core for true bearing seating and soother, more consistent speed wherever you need it.

Elissa Steamer and her four-legged friend, Randy, got the crew together to break in the new Gnarhunters gear. The sun was shining; T-funk, Jeff Carlyle, Matt Finley, Soma, Pfanner, and Frank all rolled through, radness ensued.

The new Gnarhunters X Spitfire collection features three different wheels in Classic 99DU, Formula Four 99DU, and Randy's Cart Cruiser 80HD, plus tees, long sleeves, hoods, and stickers. There's even an air freshener and custom leash for all the dog lovers. All hitting local skate shops now.

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