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Mini Logo AWOL Lift Kit - Skateboard Wheels, Bearings, Risers and Hardware Set Black 63MM 80A

Mini Logo AWOL Lift Kit - Skateboard Wheels, Bearings, Risers and Hardware Set Black 63MM 80A

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Convert any deck and truck into a fun, functional cruiser for filming, pushing to school, or grabbing groceries.  Perfectly matched A.W.O.L cruiser wheels, bearings, risers, and hardware in one package.  Includes:
  • Set of 63mm x 80A AWOL wheels
  • Set of Mini Logo bearings
  • Set of .25" Mini Logo rigid riser pads
  • Set of 1.25" Mini Logo hardware

About Mini Logo Lift Kits

Mini Logo™ A.W.O.L Wheels

Mini Logo™ A.W.O.L formula wheel is perfect for rolling over any surface, cruising, and pushing. Our super-high rebound 80a formula and injection molded, fiber reinforced hub outperforms and outlasts most wheels, at a fraction of the cost. As a Skate One product, Mini Logo™ draws from the same 40+ years of industry experience as our top-of-the-line Bones, These, and Powell Peralta wheels. But we offer them at a bare-bones price we know you'll appreciate.

  • Soft 80a high rebound, long-lasting urethane perfect for rolling over any surface, cruising, and pushing
  • ATF formula for smooth roll
  • Injection-molded, fiber reinforced hub for superior performance and durability
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Mini Logo™ Bearings

Mini Logo™ Bearings are Skate Rated™, precision 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications. They have removable rubber shields on both sides of the bearing, a high-speed molded ball retainer, precision ground, and super-finished hardened chromium steel races and balls, and come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™... twice the performance and half the price you would expect.

  • STRENGTH - 2 rubber shields deflect even more harmful debris
  • SPEED - faster than previous generation Mini Logo bearings
  • EASE - even quicker and easier to clean & service
  • VALUE - the best value in skateboard bearings just got better

Mini Logo™ Risers

Mini Logo™ Risers give your skateboard a lift between the deck and truck to help avoid wheel bite. Essential on boards with larger wheels. Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Mini Logo™ Hardware

Mini Logo™ Hardware is made of premium steel and backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. 8 Nuts and 8 Bolts per pack!

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