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Globe Geminon Rock Cut Away Longboard Complete Walnut/Monstera 40"

Globe Geminon Rock Cut Away Longboard Complete Walnut/Monstera 40"

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The Globe Geminon Rock is a symmetrical, cut away longboard with drop through trucks.

  • Length: 40"
  • Width: 9.2"
  • Wheelbase: 30"
  • Deck shape: Symmetrical cut away
  • Walnut + hard rock maple
  • Clear grip to show off that maple
  • 180mm Slant reverse kingpin trucks
  • Globe 70mm 83a conical cruiser wheels

Carving - Deep carves, boardwalk cruising and mellow hills are calling you. You'll find the longest wheelbases in this category meant for big turns and big fun.


Drop Through - Drop through boards lower your center of gravity giving you a more responsive and stable ride.


Rocker - Rocker decks are great for both downhill and freeride. You'll feel snug and secure on a rocker profile and is especially useful for freeride beginners.


Symmetrical - If you ever think you want to ride your board backwards (freeride/freestyle) then a symmetrical longboard shape will help you with the learning curve. Other than that, it's all preference.


Cutouts - Cutouts around the wheels provide the extra space required to prevent wheelbite.


Mild Concave - Most longboards have a mild concave to give your feet natural curves to lock into. Choosing the right concave can be tough because it's all personal preference but mild concave is always a good place to start.


Resin / Walnut / Maple Wood - This construction features a resin + walnut top and bottom ply with a Canadian maple core for durability.


180mm Slant Inverted Trucks - These trucks come with reversible hangers. They come stock at 50°, which provides greater stability at high speeds but if you want to execute tighter turns flip the hanger to 54°.


Globe 70mm 83a Wheels - Hard enough for sliding through turns and drifting, yet soft enough for riding over craggy streets without getting hung up on rocks.


ABEC 7 Bearings - ABEC 7 bearings are highly precise and turn faster for longer. A precise bearing means that it has a higher tolerance to heat caused by friction.

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