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Globe Arcadia Bamboo Mountains Cruiser Complete 36"

Globe Arcadia Bamboo Mountains Cruiser Complete 36"

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The Arcadia in Bamboo/Mountains is a classic long wheelbase cruiser shape with no kick and bigger than average wheels. The bamboo + hard rock maple deck features subtle W concave with rocker profile. Also featuring 150mm Slant reverse kingpin trucks, 74mm 78a wheel and clear griptape with top graphic. 

  • Length: 35.875"
  • Width: 9"
  • Wheelbase: 22.25"
  • Deck shape: Cruiser
  • Bamboo + hard rock maple
  • Clear grip tape with print
  • 150mm Slant reverse kingpin trucks
  • Globe Abec-7 bearings
  • 74mm, 78a wheels

Commuter - Longboards for general cruising, ideal for experienced skaters and beginners alike. Never make the boring mistake of walking again!


Top Mount - The classic skate mount. Trucks are mounted from the top to sit flush with the bottom of the board for that proven ride and feel.


Wheel Wells/Flares - For the boards that don't need full wheel cutouts, wheel wells are beveled out of the board to give the extra clearance needed to avoid wheelbite.


150mm Slant Inverted Trucks - These trucks come with reversible hangers. They come stock at 50°, which provides greater stability at high speeds but if you want to execute tighter turns flip the hanger to 54°.


Globe 74mm 78a Wheels


ABEC 7 Bearings - ABEC 7 bearings are highly precise and turn faster for longer. A precise bearing means that it has a higher tolerance to heat caused by friction.

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