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Cruiser/Pool Deck Skate Pack - Independent Trucks, Powell Wheels, Bones Reds Bearings, MOB Grip, Risers, Hardware or

Cruiser/Pool Deck Skate Pack - Independent Trucks, Powell Wheels, Bones Reds Bearings, MOB Grip, Risers, Hardware or

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Powell Wheels
Bearings, Grip, Hardware, Risers

Picked out your favorite wood? This is everything else you'll need to complete your cruiser/pool deck setup!

Each purchase includes one set of Independent Stage 11 polished trucks (choose your size), one set of Bones Reds bearings, one set of Powell Peralta wheels (choose your style/color), one sheet of 11" black MOB grip, one set of risers and one set of  hardware (choose your size).

Independent Stage 11 Polished Trucks:

  • A356 T6 Aluminum Hanger & Baseplate.  The best lightweight aluminum alloy heat treated to T6 condition for strength, durability, and grind feel.
  • SCM435 Chromoly Steel Axle.  Highest quality and durability available.
  • Grade 8 Kingpin.  Never break, never bend.

 Independent Truck Sizing:

  • 159 - 8.75 inch axle*
  • 169 - 9.00 inch axle*
  • 215 - 10.00 inch axle*

*159, 169 and 215 sizes feature a 6 hole universal baseplate with old and new school mounting pattern.

The Independent Stage 11 Standard Truck feature new updated geometry. This is the new Standard. You get superior turn and stability, better grind clearance, and improved "no hang-up yoke". Only the best materials used and assembled locally, here in the U.S. Independent detailing throughout.  Built to Grind and guaranteed for Life.

Powell Wheels:

Dragon Formula - The amazing new Dragon Formula™ (DF) Urethane used to create these wheels is another industry leading innovation from Powell • Peralta. DF-93A Dragons will not only roll over rough terrain, but also grip and slide like 99A and 101A wheels do, so that you can do all your normal tricks and more on the greater range of skate terrains made skateable by its softer 93A hardness. 

G-Bones - Original shape, in the formula you can trust.  Designed by George Powell in 1988, The "G" Bones filled the 64mm slot once held by the Cubic.

Bones ATF Rough Riders - Bones All-Terrain Formula™ (ATF) wheels are poured in a special soft urethane we call All-Terrain Formula or (ATF). ATF wheels are excellent for rougher terrain so regardless of road quality, this revolutionary formula will roll you there quickly and smoothly.

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